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Giving you back the vitality, energy, drive physique and levels of vitality that you once had.

Welcome I am thrilled that you are here !

I know that there are so many things that you could be doing right now so it is inspiring that you have chosen to take action. There really is a direct correlation between how much action you choose to take which I guess is down to how much you value your health.

Now it really does not take too long to start making changes to our inside and our health after all there are only three ways that anything can get in: what we absorb through the skin, what we eat and what we breath in. I will also add that there is also a huge area that is often ignored when it comes to fitness which is our thoughts which control many of the chemical reactions that happen on the inside.

So I would guess that as you are you will most likely think that you are reasonably healthy, eat reasonably well, could lose a few pounds and tone up here and there. I would also guess that you do not have a comprehensive series of health tests every year and that as you have not noticed any symptoms of disease figure you must be ok, however you take your car for a set of comprehensive tests (mot) and also spend more on its wellbeing through an annual service, than you spend on your own health and fitness.

I will briefly cover who I am so you can see how I help to guide you to optimal health. My inspiration for Fiftyfit came earlier this year (2014) as I turned 50 and started that reflection journey. My blood tests that I have done regularly have got better and better over the last 7 years that I have been having them, I have equipment to test for arterial stiffness or atherosclerosis which is one of several risk factors for cardio vascular diseases such as heart attack, strokes and high blood pressure. Now this machine gives an indication of your vascular age. (See all my readings in my testimonial for health)

So I have been lucky enough to value my health however I have several friends and colleagues my age 50 and younger and they are suffering with heart attacks, cancer, arthritis, gout and many other ills that I know my parents and there parents did not suffer with until well into their seventies. I also have many friends who fall into a combination of three camps. Ones who exercise, ones who feed their minds with positive thoughts and messages and ones who eat correctly on a macro and a micro nutrient level. What is missing though, are ones that do all three. Now as I love my friend and family and realise that they are just a sample of today’s society, I also realise that they are a reflective ones at that; so from passing out information on these three areas as I have trained extensively in them all I have  managed to guide them back to a healthier way of life and hence Fiftyfit was born.

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This area is full of informational sheets from healthy recipes to the great informational video series ranging from bringing exercise into our daily life around the home, exercising when travelling on business to tutorials on the multitude of equipment that is out there now. Making sure your get results and stay safe.

This are will be added to every week. Being a student of optimal health with connections to some of the best health advisors in the world I am always learning and looking to share.

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